Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Tips On How To Choose Watch Box

Watches are much more fashion and even symbol of status than timepieces. And your beloved wrist watches deserve perfect watch boxes. This article is aimed for those enthusiasts of authentic watches. 

Below are the 5 tips you should take into account in order to choose your perfect watch boxes:

1. Cushion and Support

The foremost purpose you need a watch box is of course to store your beloved gadget safe and sound. So make sure that the watch box offers a secure support like a soft pillow. And if the watch on the pillow is not fixed in place and subject to move of falling off, then the box absolutely needs to have a cushion lining on the inside. Preferably sufficiently line the box over every inch where there may be possible contacts with your watch, because hard material will probably scratch it. If you’re reading this article, you definitely won’t take any chance on your wrist watches, will you?

2. Durability

We’re not talking about anything like a replica. You want a watch box that’s strong, solid, and one that will last for a long time. The box will stand the environment and protect your watch(es) for many years. So don’t try to find a bargain and get a model which will break or lose gloss after a few months. Instead, spend a little more to get a stronger one. Actually, factoring in the box’s life cycle, you’ll find it’s worth every penny over time.

3. Design & Style

Watch boxes are not just for storage, it’s something where you put your cherished collections and even you may want to display them to your friends or like-minds. So design and styles matter. Though, there’s no single style that suits all. Just choose whatever you think the best. But you do have to pay attention to the material, shape, color, finish, etc.

Luxury Plastic Men's Watch Box

4. Special Features

You may have some special needs for your wrist watches. For example, if you work or live outdoors oft-times, then the watch boxes need some extra features to survive the toughness. For example, you may need a waterproof watch box for men. Xavier Rosset, the Swiss Robinson, spent 10 months alone in a Pacific island, Tofua of Tonga. In this survival program filmed in 2008, he buried his wrist watch in the earth for protection for almost the whole stint. His watch stayed in good condition when he dug it out after almost 300 days.

Waterproof Plastic Watch Box for Men

5. Capacity & Multi-Purpose

Your choice of watch box is also largely up to how many watches you’re going to store with it. Single, double, 12 or even more? Or some would like to store their cuff-links among other stuffs together. There’s a huge difference, but there are always some vendors there to serve it, simply do the search and find your dream box.

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