Tuesday, July 28, 2020

How to Change Apple Watch Band?

It's very convenient to change the Apple Watch band, which is also one of the prominent features of Apple Watch design. Prepare the Apple watch and the new band. Follow the steps below.

1. Flip over the apple watch. On the back of the Apple Watch, you'll notice a release button at each end close to where the band joins the watch(as shown in the below figure).
Change apple watch band

2. Gently press your finger on the band release button, then slowly slide the connecting rod of the band outwards along the watch edge. You'll remove one side band. 
How to change band

3. Repeat it at the other side to remove the band totally from the apple watch.

4. It is also very convenient to replace the strap. Hold the new band and start from where the old one fell off just now. Simply slide the connecting rod of the band from one side into the band groove until you hear a slight "click", the band is in place one end

5. Do it again at the other end. The apple watch band is done changing.

(1) Attention should be given when assembling the new band to the band sides. Don't reverse the band front with its backside. Otherwise, you'll have to take the trouble of reworking the process. 

(2) Besides, bands of 42mm and 38mm are not interchangeable, so replace it with one of the same size.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

How to Gift Wrap a Box?

Gift wrapping a box is not a rocket science. Instead, it's a culture to some extent. To gift wrap a box, the following 5 dimensions should be attended:

1. Shape of Gift Box

There are various shapes of gift boxes, such as cube, heart-shape, cylinder, cone, etc. But gift wrapping can not do without two basic packaging methods, square and cylindrical.

2. Color to Use

Color has a great influence on people's emotions. Therefore, the color of the packaging paper can be distinguished according to age and gender: men tend to be cool colors, women go with bright or elegant light colors, while for children bright & lively colors and patterns should be chosen.

3. Artistry of Gift Wrap

Each carefully handled gift wrapping all reflects a certain degree of artistry, and can pay attention to the role of ornamental bands, decorative flowers and other small embellishments in packaging. Such little attachments may greatly increase the artistic touch.

4. Knowledge of Gift Wrap

Gift wrapping is knowledge/culture-intensive, which many of us may be surprised to hear. It is necessary to well understand the subtlety of packaging materials. For example, small commodities are not recommended to use paper with large patterns. Vice versa, large items should not use paper with small patterns and of light colors. With the development of packaging materials and cultures, gift wrapping can truly become an art.

How to Gift Wrap a Box?

You can choose different packaging methods according to the nature of your gift's outer packaging.

1. Wrinkle-textured paper wrapping

Prepare several pieces of such wrinkle paper of the color that fits the recipient, beautiful ribbons, or silk threads. (This method is not suitable for bulky gifts.) 
First, wrap the gift with wrinkle paper, which can be wrapped directly into a candy shape(or other shapes that suit your occasions). The ends are fixed with ribbons or silk threads, and the paper edges are arranged into a flower shape. It can also be packed into a square toffee shape ... simply DIY with your creativity!
DIY gift wrapping

2. DIY gift box

Prepare a used cardboard box (larger than the original gift package). Choose watercolor paints, watercolor pens, glue, paint brushes, etc. according to the pattern you want to draw. 
Steps: First paint the carton with your desired color, then draw patterns according to the prepared graphic template. Finally, color up the way as you want.
Enjoy it! A lot of fun!

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Eco-friendly Packaging Materials for Food

Unfortunately, so far there's no perfect eco-friendly packaging material, which is both really environmentally friendly and economically feasible. There's yet a long way to go toward this end. Common environmentally friendly packaging materials for food are:

#1. Biodegradable plastics:

Plastic is generally difficult to degrade. Thus there are many plastic wastes buried in the ground that will not decay for several years. And there's the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, too. Biodegradable plastics refer to plastics that can be degraded by microorganisms into water, carbon dioxide (or methane) and biomass under specified conditions. The development of biodegradable plastic packaging materials and phasing-out of non-degradable plastic packaging materials are the major trends globally and becoming one of the most popular material R&D projects. Although degradable plastics are easy to process and the price is gradually decreasing, the prices remain too high to be popular compared to ordinary plastics. 
Biodegradable Food Packaging

#2. Metal packaging materials:

Since metal packaging materials are easier to recycle and handle, the pollution of their waste to the environment is relatively smaller compared to plastics and paper. Commonly used metal packaging materials are tinplate and aluminum, which are widely used in the manufacture of food and beverage packaging cans;
Metal Packaging Material for Food

#3. Glass - Eco-friendly packaging materials

Milk, soft carbonated beverages, alcohol and jams are generally packaged in glass containers, and some cooking utensils and tableware are also packaged in glass. The main characteristics of glass packaging materials are beauty, hygiene, corrosion resistance, low cost, and inert materials, which have little pollution to the environment; its disadvantages are that it is fragile, bulky, and expensive.

#4. Paper - Eco-friendly gift boxes packaging

Since paper products can be recycled again after use, a small amount of waste can be naturally decomposed in the natural environment, which has no adverse impact on the natural environment. Therefore, it is recognized that paper, cardboard and paper products are green products in the world, and meets the requirements of environmental protection. Therefore, paper/cardboard packaging is a good replacement of plastics, to some degree and plays an active role against white pollution.
Eco-friendly Packaging Materials for Food

The above four are the most common eco-friendly packaging materials. Try to use eco-friendly watch gift boxesAt the same time, more and more environmentalists are advocating multi-use textile bags to reduce environmental pollution.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas

1.  Rose Towel Favor

Imagine a bouquet towel, a soft and eternally blooming rose formed with towels!  As a wedding favor, the rose towel not only represents eternal happiness and sweetness, but also is practical and ornamental! 
Wedding Favor Ideas

2. Personalized Photo Album

A personalized high-end photo album will be a good choice. Put a group photo of the newlyweds and the guest(s), taken at the wedding ceremony, into the photo album. That will make the recipients feel that the photo albums are tailor-made for them. This could be a heart-felt wedding favor idea, but it may not be appropriate to everyone. 
Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas

3. Personalized Keychain

The customized keychain is also a unique wedding favor. A pair of custom-made cute little figure keychains, accompanied with a wedding card, is memorable, beautiful and practical.
Personalized Favor Keychains

4. Garden seeds Wedding Favors

Packets of garden seeds are wedding favor ideas that keep on giving. This idea is perfectly appropriate if you're having an outdoor wedding at a garden or farm venue. For the most useful seeds, choose easy-to-grow plants that flourish both indoors and outdoors — some options include lemongrass, basil, chives, lavender, and mint.
Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas
(Source: weddingwire.com)

5. Unique Favor Boxes

A simple and easy way to address the wedding favor ideas is to look for the existing items. There are many unique choices available on the market. PacZone offers a wide selection of bright & creative wedding favor boxes.
Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

20 Creative DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

Have you ever been worried about lack of nice gift wrapping ideas on many occasions? I believe most people do. This article gathers some creative yet pocket-friendly wrapping ideas. Hope you find them helpful!

1. Personalized gift wrapping with confetti

All you need is confetti and transparent double-sided tape to create a truly festive gift package.

(Source: idee-creative.fr)

2. Felt Roses

Stack you two shades of felt, and take a marker and trace a round object onto the top layer of felt. Cut through both layers so that you have two circles starting at the edge, cut a spiral in each circle. Using adhesive, secure the center of the rose and start wrapping, gluing...

(Source: mydesigndump.blogspot.com)

3. Fringed Goodness

After wrapping the gift in colorful paper, cut a variety of colored paper strips (we also used metallic cellophane) and then cut slits in each strip to make a fringe. 
(Source: crafts.tutsplus.com)

4. Gift with A Fabric Flower

5. Heart Cut Out Gift Wrapping

Cut out a simple shape -- like a heart or even a Christmas tree -- to add a little glitz to your gift.
(Source: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com/)

6. Typography Gift Wrap

The gifts don’t have to be lavish to be extraordinary. The more simple it is, the more it leaves a lasting impression, especially when you create it with great gift...
(Source: familyholiday.net)

7. Make The Wrap Part Of The Gift

Thoughtfully chosen recycled materials create elegant or creatively wrapped presents...Use a colourful tea towel and smart ribbon – the tea towel could even be part of the gift.

8. Gift Wrapping Idea with Maps

Maps continue to be a trendy decorating theme and, better still, many are large enough to wrap several small gifts or one large one. To make the wrap more personal, select a map that shows the recipient's birthplace or a favorite travel destination. 
(Source: hgtv.com)

9. Lovely Japanese gift wrapping ideas

You can use some colored clothing to use as gift-wrapping and make the present very special and artistic. The fact is there are many ways of wrapping cloths like tying a bundle or creating a flower like effect or a bow to make the gift wrapping special...
(Source: boredart.com)

10. Newspaper and Garden String

Just old newspaper and garden string! Wrap & tie it up .. that's it!
(Source: hgtv.com)

11. Paper Basket To Hold Treats

DIY paper basket to hold treats simply with used kraft paper, scissors and glue...A unique small candy gift basket is done!
(Source: blog.holamama.es)

12. Polka Dot Gift Wrap

I had been looking for some cutesy polka dot wrapping paper for a couple of photoshoots and couldn’t find it so I made it myself. ... White stamp pads are ordered online...

(Source: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com)

13. Puzzle Gift Wrap

Wrap your present with a word search wrapping paper for the puzzle lover of your life. It will be like two gifts in one. Be assured that wrapping paper will be saved to play with later and your ingenious creativity will be applauded too. This is one of the most creative gifts packing ideas.
(Source: floweraura.com)

14. Re-purposed Sweater Gift Wrap

Use some dated wooly sweaters on some of the packages...Simply cut off the arm and slid the cardboard gift box thru so it was nice and snug. I tied the remaining wool into a bow, and in the second picture just used a panel of the fabric for a different look.

(Source: boxwoodclippings.com)

15. DIY Studded Gift Wrap

Simply studded on the textured paper, then tied with string. Simple DIY creates a luxurious touch!

(Source: blog.whimseybox.com)

16. Tag for a Throw Gift

Cozy throw blankets holiday gifts. 

(Source: jacolynmurphy.com)

17. Teacher holiday Rudolph bag

Decorated with reindeer antlers and a red nose, it easily transforms into Rudolph. The faithful companion of Santa Claus will delight children as well as older children. A good introduction before discovering the gift ...
(Source: elle.fr)

18. Valentine Tag & Box


19. Wax Paper Bow

Stick with basic, neutral wrapping paper choosing to dress up the package with fun design elements.  Wrap the boxes with a basic brown paper using the Elmer's double stick tape…You'll get an eco-friendly gift boxes!
(Source: whipperberry.com)

20. Bright Baubles

Pom poms are easy to make, especially with a handy pom pom maker (craft stores stock many of these). Again, start by wrapping the present in colorful paper. Then use a hot glue gun to affix a selection of little pom poms to the top of your present. You could also attach looped string to each pom pom and tie them to ribbon wrapped around the present so that the lucky present recipient can use them as Christmas ornaments afterwards.
(Source: crafts.tutsplus.com)