Wednesday, August 19, 2020

New Huawei Smart Watch Retail Gift Box Exposed

It is nothing new for mobile phone manufacturers to make smart watches. The new Huawei smart watch project that was initially reported in this past March have seen some updates. Recently, some media exposed a set of complete packaging photos of this Huawei smart watch, which appeared to be very deluxe. It seems that the long anticipated official release is around the corner.
Cubic Smart Watch Cardboard Gift Box: Closed
Huawei Watch Cardboard Gift Box: Closed (Source:
Huawei Smart Watch Cardboard Gift Box - Open
Huawei Smart WatchCardboard Gift Box - Open (Source:

It can be seen from the exposed pictures that the outer packaging of the Huawei watch is a cubic black cardboard box with the "HUAWEI" logo debossed on the top. The surface of the box appears to be wrapped in no-frills leather material (probably textured specialty paper), which gives a simple luxury touch. When opening the box, it is just similar to packaging of every other mid-to-high-end watch. The smart watch is placed in the central slot clinging around a pillow support. The whole interior of the box seems to be velvet flocked and gold foil stamped words can be seen inside the lid. 

Editor’s comment: Huawei’s smart watches have been favored by many upon its exposure. The elegant dial is matched with a leather strap, which gives the impression of traditional high-end watches. As a smart watch, it can be connected to a mobile phone to view messages, heart rate monitoring and gyroscope and other functions are also readily available. It’s equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and built-in 300mAh capacity battery.

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