Thursday, July 9, 2020

Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas

1.  Rose Towel Favor

Imagine a bouquet towel, a soft and eternally blooming rose formed with towels!  As a wedding favor, the rose towel not only represents eternal happiness and sweetness, but also is practical and ornamental! 
Wedding Favor Ideas

2. Personalized Photo Album

A personalized high-end photo album will be a good choice. Put a group photo of the newlyweds and the guest(s), taken at the wedding ceremony, into the photo album. That will make the recipients feel that the photo albums are tailor-made for them. This could be a heart-felt wedding favor idea, but it may not be appropriate to everyone. 
Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas

3. Personalized Keychain

The customized keychain is also a unique wedding favor. A pair of custom-made cute little figure keychains, accompanied with a wedding card, is memorable, beautiful and practical.
Personalized Favor Keychains

4. Garden seeds Wedding Favors

Packets of garden seeds are wedding favor ideas that keep on giving. This idea is perfectly appropriate if you're having an outdoor wedding at a garden or farm venue. For the most useful seeds, choose easy-to-grow plants that flourish both indoors and outdoors — some options include lemongrass, basil, chives, lavender, and mint.
Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas

5. Unique Favor Boxes

A simple and easy way to address the wedding favor ideas is to look for the existing items. There are many unique choices available on the market. PacZone offers a wide selection of bright & creative wedding favor boxes.
Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

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