Tuesday, July 21, 2020

How to Gift Wrap a Box?

Gift wrapping a box is not a rocket science. Instead, it's a culture to some extent. To gift wrap a box, the following 5 dimensions should be attended:

1. Shape of Gift Box

There are various shapes of gift boxes, such as cube, heart-shape, cylinder, cone, etc. But gift wrapping can not do without two basic packaging methods, square and cylindrical.

2. Color to Use

Color has a great influence on people's emotions. Therefore, the color of the packaging paper can be distinguished according to age and gender: men tend to be cool colors, women go with bright or elegant light colors, while for children bright & lively colors and patterns should be chosen.

3. Artistry of Gift Wrap

Each carefully handled gift wrapping all reflects a certain degree of artistry, and can pay attention to the role of ornamental bands, decorative flowers and other small embellishments in packaging. Such little attachments may greatly increase the artistic touch.

4. Knowledge of Gift Wrap

Gift wrapping is knowledge/culture-intensive, which many of us may be surprised to hear. It is necessary to well understand the subtlety of packaging materials. For example, small commodities are not recommended to use paper with large patterns. Vice versa, large items should not use paper with small patterns and of light colors. With the development of packaging materials and cultures, gift wrapping can truly become an art.

How to Gift Wrap a Box?

You can choose different packaging methods according to the nature of your gift's outer packaging.

1. Wrinkle-textured paper wrapping

Prepare several pieces of such wrinkle paper of the color that fits the recipient, beautiful ribbons, or silk threads. (This method is not suitable for bulky gifts.) 
First, wrap the gift with wrinkle paper, which can be wrapped directly into a candy shape(or other shapes that suit your occasions). The ends are fixed with ribbons or silk threads, and the paper edges are arranged into a flower shape. It can also be packed into a square toffee shape ... simply DIY with your creativity!
DIY gift wrapping

2. DIY gift box

Prepare a used cardboard box (larger than the original gift package). Choose watercolor paints, watercolor pens, glue, paint brushes, etc. according to the pattern you want to draw. 
Steps: First paint the carton with your desired color, then draw patterns according to the prepared graphic template. Finally, color up the way as you want.
Enjoy it! A lot of fun!

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