Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Watch Storage Ideas - Plastic Boxes

Watches mean much more than timepieces, oftentimes they imply the class and identity of the wearers. Thus watches are significant must-haves to many people. Some people even possess more than one watch. Hence, arise the issue of watch storage.

At the very beginning, wooden boxes might be the only choice for watch storage. Later on, materials like leather, cotton, plastic and paper etc. become alternatives to watch lovers. 

Purposes of Watch Storage

Before we can dive into the topic, let's make clear the basic purposes and and main functions of watch storage. (1) Protection from damaging. Needless to say, safety is always the foremost of all. (2) Dust prevention. Watches are precision instruments, but dust may compromise them. Thus when in long storage, they must be kept from dust. (3) Easy to locate. Everyone may have the experience of losing the whereabouts of things, you don't expect this happens to your lovable watches. A good storage box will help a lot to this end. (4) Displaying. We can see through the boxes and display them somewhere even when we put them in storage. (5) Damp-proof. To some, this is also a necessary measure to take on their watches.

Plastic Watch Storage ideas

This article is going to focus on plastic watch storage ideas. And all of the below mentioned are for single watch storage only.

1. Classic watch storage box with flocking

Classic watch storage box

2. Stylish Display Watch Box with Clear Cover

Display Watch Box with Clear Cover

3. Luxury Watch Box for Men

Luxury Watch Boxes for Men

4. Airtight Waterproof Watch Storage Boxes

Airtight Watch Storage Boxes

5. Puzzle-style Personalized Watch Storage Boxes of Bright Colors

6. Lightning-shaped Long Watch Band Case

There's a long list, will update later. Do you like them, or do you have other good watch storage ideas? Please leave your comments.

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