Friday, May 29, 2020

Gift Candy Ideas

Lack good gift candy ideas? You simply need some creative packaging.

PacZone from Hong Kong offers some novel and cute gift candy choices. The company has many awesome plastic packaging boxes that suit for diverse holiday and festive occasions. Here are some example:

1. Gift boxes for favor candy.

These are actually in lovely 'candy shaped' candy gift boxes and come in two size: W106*D60*H44mm (mini version) and W168*D92*H64 mm (Jumbo size). All in bright and cheerful colors; customized, assorted colors available.

2.Summer-themed candy box

This ice-lolly-shaped candy dispensers could be a choice for summer measures W60 * D23 *H129mm.

3. Candy gift ideas for Christmas.

This is a Christmas tree-shaped candy box, specially designed and perfect for Christmas, either as gifting or decorating! It measures 90mm (diameter) * 80mm(heigh)

4. Gift boxes for assorted candies.

These are oval-shape super clear rigid plastic boxes. With custom bright colors and exquisite branded print inserts, they offer indefinite options of candy storage and gifting!

5. Heart-shaped candy gift boxes for Valentine's day and wedding.

Don't mistake, these are not lollipops, they are heart-shaped lollipop candy boxes. 😄😄. Ideal option for use as a romantic valentines chocolate box!
There are many innovative candy gifting ideas that you can choose from! Or hopefully, you may draw some inspiration and make your own customized candy packaging boxes!

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