Tuesday, November 27, 2018

China Packaging Industry Overview

China's packaging industry has seen a high-speed development, and already built a considerable scale of production capacity. It has become an important part of the manufacturing sector in China. At present, China's packaging industry has been established as a comprehensive, full range of industrial field comprising paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, printing and packaging machinery etc.

The rapid development of China's packaging industry satisfies the demand both domestic and abroad. It plays an important role in protecting commodities, facilitating logistics, promoting sales and service consumption. The most widely used in the Chinese market is paper and

The overall development of China's packaging industry is good, and has become the world's second largest packaging power after the United States. However, there's still a huge gap compared with the world's major countries and regions, in terms of per capita packaging consumption. China's packaging industry will have a broad market development space in the future.

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